Mission Statement

Humberstone Day Nursery is committed to working respectfully with children and families in ways that value the diversity of the community we serve and provide a continually improving environment which enables children to develop their full potential.

Our vision is that all children in our care will thrive in our dedicated, nurturing and stimulating environment. They will enter school ready to learn; to eventually become productive, well-adjusted members of society.

“It is our mission to enable young children to thrive in a learning and caring environment; encourage parent partnership and active participation to optimise the child’s growth and development to reach their full potential. Prepare children to enter school ready to learn and to participate in family and community life”.

We will accomplish our mission by being an informed, innovative and responsible provider of early year’s education and childcare and by providing the facilities and services needed to build on the child's early experiences gained at home.”

In pursuing our mission, we will achieve the following -

  • Children - Through opportunities for them to be creative, imaginative and active lifelong learners and to explore experiment and discover new ideas, skills and concepts.
  • Parents & Carers - By providing peace of mind enabling them to leave their children in our care and working in close partnership with them to encourage participation in their child's learning and to ensure a consistent approach to development between home and nursery.
  • Staff - By maintaining a stimulating working environment that encourages new initiatives and best practice, enhances professional and personal development and in which spontaneous learning opportunities are identified and recognised as they occur.
  • Other stakeholders - Through our commitment to playing a full part in the local community, maintaining our links and affiliations with local groups, professional associations and working collaboratively with professionals from other disciplines to ensure the best outcomes for children and their families.
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